Happily Ever After?

I don’t know about you but I am constantly coming across great articles either on Facebook or Pinterest.  Sometime they are articles that educate me, sometimes they speak to my heart and encourage my faith.  Today I came across one such article that I really wanted to share with you.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!

The author of the blog has this to say about herself…

Me in a nutshell? Soccer All-American. Football pioneer. YouTube hostess with the mostess. // Bulimia beater. Suicide survivor. Car crash overcomer. // Inspirational speaker. Aspiring writer. Jesus lover. // Curious to learn more?

Visit her blog at www.moisom.com

Our whole lives we’re sold “happily ever after”, time and time again.

In the movies. On TV. On Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube.

I’ve heard talk about Prince Charming, “The One”, my “soul mate”. Even in church, I’ve been told that God is designing the PERFECT man for me. That there is ONE out there who will complete me.

And while I’ve always rolled my eyes at these concepts, I failed to realize how much they were etching their way into my thoughts and heart.

Read the rest of her story here


2 thoughts on “Happily Ever After?

    • Your welcome! I was really happy to come across her article it put into words perfectly many thoughts that have floated around my mind for years! Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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