Fun Fact Friday

Here is a fun fact many of you don’t know…my sister-in-law Jennifer is writing a book series!

“The House of Envy” – Chapter 19

Jen has loved fantasies since she was little and about six years ago she began writing.  Her first book The House of Envy is geared toward young adult to adult women…it looks at where we get our sense of worth and beauty!  It’s a heartwarming and intriguing tale that will be enjoyed women, as well as men.  She is currently working on her second book which is geared toward men.

I feel so blessed to have a sister-in-law that is truly like a sister to me!  It’s hard to believe she has been a part of my life for 10 years already…I look forward to seeing our relationship grow and change over the next ten years.  Jen has been such a Godly example to me.   Through trials and joys I have seen her cling to God and continue to praise him…not always an easy thing to do!

Feel free to check out her blog and read a few excerpts of her book…I know she would love your input!

Here is a link to her blog…Inspired Allegorical Tales

This is a sweet children’s story she wrote not long ago…Actually Ashley

This is my niece…isn’t she a cutie?


2 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday

  1. Kim…stop it, you keep making me cry. This is now day two of realizing how much I am going to miss you. It has been over ten years that I have been so blessed to have you as a part of my life! It started out as you being a teenager with a heart for the past and an eye for beauty in the present. In only a few years you became a woman, and an amazing one at that; you excelled at college, and you managed your money in such away that seasoned adults should take note. I love you Kim and I am so thankful for the woman that you are and the friend that you will always be.

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