Gifts from God

I’m so thankful for the sun rising earlier and setting later!  It’s amazing how something so simple can make such a difference your day. Those of you who live in Northern MN, or other areas that are farther North, know what it’s like.
Just a few short months ago the sun wasn’t rising until after 8am and was setting before 5pm. So, when I woke up at 6:45 on Sunday morning and it was already light outside, it felt like a gift from God. Then on my way to church all the branches and fence posts were covered in frost and the sun was shining it’s way thru the fog…I felt like God had created that moment in time just for me.
Have you ever experienced moments were you felt like God was handing you a gift? I hope you have experieced moments like I did the other morning on my way to church. But if you haven’t maybe today is that day! Take a look around you…maybe God has given you a gift and you’ve been to busy to notice. Many times when I fail to notice each of the gifts God gives me in a single day. Sometimes it’s because I’m too busy and other times I’m just ungrateful or unwilling to see the ways God wants to bless me.
My willingness to see and accept God’s gifts in my life shouldn’t be dependent on how I’m feeling. But rather, I should be seeking to glorify God in everything. Only then do we see the gifts God has for us!

I pray that today you will chose to give God the glory in your life and that you will enjoy the gifts that only He can give!


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