Winter in Northern Minnesota


It has always amazed me that when the weather gets really cold, you can’t tell the difference between really cold and really, really, cold!  Right now the temperature is -20 degrees plus wind chill, making it feel like -36.  But the funny thing is -20 doesn’t feel much different then 0 degrees.

Well, now that we’ve talked about the weather, I guess we can move on.  So far 2013 has been a great year!  The first weekend of the year I got to celebrate Christmas with my parents, brothers, sister-in-law, lovely nieces, and some close friends.  Some highlights included: girls night out, watching Tangled with the little girlies, eating pizza, swimming and great thrift store finds!

Since then it’s been back to work and recovering from the holidays.  But I’ve still found time for some projects.  Tomorrow I will share about a great whipped body butter I made last week.  Have a great night and stay warm!


2 thoughts on “Winter in Northern Minnesota

  1. Kim don’t forget all the canning we did last week (1-13 thru 1-18) !!! 20 pints pumpkin, 22 pints pineapple, 20 pints chick peas, 12 quarts yellow split pea soup and 4 quarts beef stew !!! Thank you for all your hard work !!! I have so much fun being with you !!!

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